MRI Whole-body

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You cannot deny that any disease can undesirably visit us some day. 
What can guarantee that we are healthy? 

Symptoms of illness can indicate body abnormality so that we can perceive them and go to see a physician in a timely manner. 
However, some illnesses occur internally and they do not show any symptoms, so it may be too late when we realize them. 

This is a new era of medicine using a high technology equipment transmitted to create an image on the screen of the various parts of the body. 
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is considered ideal modality for the screening that has both high sensitivity and specificity without radiation hazard. 

MRI whole-body scan checkup program can find a lesion in an asymptomatic patient provides more treatment options, offers a better prognosis and cuts down on expense compared to when lesions are found in later stages.

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